Do You Need to Buy on GSA Contract and Cannot Find the Products on GSA or GSA Advantage?

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MJL's GSA Contract, GS-21F-0020U offers

"Special Order | Product Find | Outsourcing"

for products NOT currently ON GSA CONTRACT.  Immediately buy HARD TO FIND products from MJL ON GSA CONTRACT


MJL Enterprises, LLC holds the GSA 51V Hardware Superstore Contract# GS-21F-0020U. Under this contract, MJL holds SIN 105 003 which allows special order, product find or outsourcing."Outsourcing" is a special order value added service MJL offers ON GSA for our customers.


What's in it for me?


MJL has pre-approved pricing on GSA contract for the items or products which require special order, product find, and outsourcing and MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH GSA. You can purchase standard commercial products and services through MJL's GSA Contract# GS-21F-0020U.


     Saves you time, money and helps you acquire items 

that are not found on GSA.

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