Government Contracts


GSA #GS-21F-0020U Hardware Superstore – Schedule 51V SIN: 105 002, 105 003


GSA #GS-21F-0076U Facilities Maintenance SIN: 801 001, 801 002, 812 001, 812 002


GSA #GS02QDCR0015 Office Supplies, FSSI OS3-Purchasing

         #GS-02F-148BA Online Contract

           CLIN 001: General Office Supplies


GSA #GS07F036DA  Schedule 84 - Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response


Medical Supply Prime Vendor W911QY-10-D-0055


DOD EMALL SP47W1-16-D-0005


DLA Troop Support Medical ECAT SPE2D1-17-D-0026


USMC AMAL/ADAL Medical/Dental Equipment Prime Vendor M67854-16-D-5015


BPA Contracts


US Secret Service (USSS) HSSS01-12-A-0021, HSSS-12-A-0028, HSSS01-12-A-0033


Military Sealift Command N32205-13-A-6216


NOAA - BPA Hardware and Supplies AB-133M-16-BA-0015


US ARMY, 88th Regional Support Command Supplies 5-Year MRO BPA, GSA GS05Q17BMA0002 


FAS Assisted Acquisition Services Division