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The NLB Edged Weapons Tactical Fighting System is simple, straight forward, direct and highly effective.


Simply put, with limited training periods for the end user and entry-level combative skills and athleticism, what will prepare the student is a bridge to the realities of a committed attacker along with battle-tested techniques.


As in all NLB courses the student’s progress is measured by either the use of the feedback training knife, the No Lie Blade or shooting on steel and simunitions scenario training evolutions. This feedback removes all doubt of the student’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The NLB fighting system is world known for its brutal effectiveness, elusive simplicity and ease of learning.


NLB also offers a transitional fighting course which virtually no other organization provides. This is where the student transitions from one weapons system or empty hand to another weapons system up and down the force continuum. The root of the NLB system translates directly to impact weapons, empty hands fighting and direct access to firearms weapons over the shoulder or on the belt line.


NLB’s courses are world known for creating a complete combat readiness foundation and has been said to be not only one of the best edged weapons courses available but to be one of the best combat courses period. 


Additionally, all the NLB courses can stand alone or tie in together with the "NLB Level 2 Train the Trainer Course" which deals mostly with small arms use from basic gun handling to moving and shooting to and from cover in low or no light conditions, bringing the operator and his skills into one cohesive operational instinctive skills package. Honestly, this is the professional shooters package for anybody to become handgun combat effective, anything less than this and the operators will simply not be current. If you see components you would like altered, please let us know. NLB’s success is based on listening to and meeting your personal needs.


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